From the recording Whiskey Before Breakfast

This is a standard instrumental that people in the folk circles play.  Mike Cross did a great job of putting lyrics to it.


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It was just the other day the sun wouldn't shine I was walking down the street not feeling too fine I saw two old men with a bottle between 'em This is the song that they were singing
Lord preserve us and protect us, We've been drinking whiskey 'fore breakfast
Well I walked on over to where they were sitting And I couldn't believe how drunk they were getting I said "old men, have you been drinking long?" “Long enough to be start singing this song!"
Well they passed me the bottle saying, “Take a little sip And it taste so good that I just couldn't quit So I had another drink.  Next thing I knew There were three of us sitting there singing this tune
Well, one by one everybody in the town Heard our ruckus and they came on down And pretty soon all the streets were ringing With the sound of the whole town laughing and singing
-Lyrics provided by permission of Vic-Ray Publishing-ASCAP