From the recordings Lower the Sails and Water Journeys

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A Nova Scotia song by David Stone created as a wistful tribute to an old ship evoking the irretrievable loss felt by her sailors in her dismantlement.


Lower the sails, lads, lower the sails
And sing sad farewells to her ropes and her rails
And tear down the masts boys, “Up the planks” to the nails
And we’ll sing our goodbyes to the grand days of sail

Pull down the spars boys that lasted the gales
Adieu to the ratlines, the shrouds and the stays
To the jibs and the topsails, the yards and the chains
And say our goodbyes to the grand days of sail

 So haul down the riggings, her sheets and her lines
And roll up the canvas for the very last time
And once ‘round the capstan, then leave it behind
And say our goodbyes to a lady so fine